Vacuum Multi-Arc Ion Coating Plasma Spraying Equipment

Applied industries:                                                

Common involved industries(decorative purposes):
· Door handles
· Darts
· Dog collar accessories (to prevent dog skin allergies)
· Jewellery
· Watch parts
· Stainless steel sheets
Common involved industries(functional purposes):
· Drills
· Punches
· Molds and die
· Cutters and knives

Coating film:                                                                 

Designed for the hard coating and super hard protective film of tools, knives, moulds;It can deposit TiN, CrN, TiCN, TiSiN, TiCrN, TiAlCrN, multilayer super hard coatings.

Technical requirements


Working environment:


High vacuum


Low vacuum

Atmosphere to desired vacuum

Temperature control:

PID regulation

Coating method:

Cathodic Arc Evaporation/PVD Vacuum Arc Spraying

Chamber size

∅850 x (H)900 mm

Target diameter: not less than 75 mm;


Sample size diameter:

As required

Process gases:

Ar2, O2, N2, C2H2, etc

Coating materials

Superhard and nano composite coatings


Windows, graphical interface, fully automatic system must provide automatic blocking of the installation according to the parameters of incoming energy carriers (pneumatics, water, clean gases) and the specified system parameters, have an intuitive (friendly) interface, have an alarm system for emergency situations.