Magnetron Line For Applying Anti-Reflective Coatings on Glass Substrates

This is an inline magnetron sputtering system which is designed for applying anti-reflective coatings. It comes with high utilization cylindrical DC sputtering and mid-frequency(MF) magnetron sputtering cathodes,  it comes with a set of ion plasma cleaning system(the quantity of sputtering cathodes and ion plasma system can be provided accoring to your needs).  Both of horizontal and vertical type of vacuum coating chambers are available.

Cylindrical magnetron cathode on the turnover platform                                Glow discharge of magnetron sputtering cathode during coating process


This magnetron coating system allows you to apply different coatings and thin film layers onto flat substrates. It can be equipped with diffusion pump or oil-free turbo molecular pumps, as well as magnetic levitation molecular pumps. It is capable to apply anti-reflective glass , colorful glass, electrically conductive coating, mirrors, etc. We provide different solutions for various size of glass sheets.