Magnetron Sputtering DLC Coating Machine

Magnetron Sputtering DLC Coating Machine is designed for applying DLC(Diamond-like Coating) on tools and other applications. The PVD machine also keep the possibility to coat Ti and other nitride coatings, chrome nitride coatings.
Main Specifications:
Vacuum chamber:  Custom made
Door Front open one/two doors
Vacuum pumping system:  Magnetic levitated turbopump with N2 purge system +Mechanical pump + Roots pump
Plasma Etching system:  MF bias etching power source
Coating system:  Cylindrical or rectangular magnetron sputtering systems
Carousel:  Rotating carousel for 3 fold rotation
Heating:  Up tp 450°C
All sealing from temperature stable rubber.  
Vacuum level measurement Pirani + Penning gauge
Gas distribution system 3 flow meters, 0-500 sccm (Ar, N2, C2H2)
Controling system PLC controlling system