Small Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering Coating System

Vacuum magnetron sputtering coating machine comes with DC or MF(mid-frequency) magnetron sputtering coating system, which is mainly used for vacuum metalization of different plastic products and the plating of various metal and non-metal film layers.

The industries involved include disposable tableware, car accessories, lighting parts, etc.
This sputtering system allows you to apply titanium, silver, stainless steel, aluminum, silicon, real gold, chromium, titanium nitride, etc.

Small or big vacuum chamber;
Only one chamber or multiple vacuum sputtering chambers;
Turbo molecular pump or diffusion pump;
Chinese brand or world famous brand;
Quantity of gas distribution systems;
Thickness monitor;
Other coating systems, such as thermal evaporation or cathodic arc evaporators;
Stainless steel or cabron steel;
Quantity of sputtering guns;
Type of sputtering cathode, cylindrical or planar;
DC or Mid-frequency sputtering system for different application.
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