Bipolar Bias Power Supply for PVD Equipment

Bipolar Bias Power Supply is used in tool plating, multi-arc, magnetron, plasma enhancement and chemical vapor deposition.

The main functions are glow cleaning of the surface of the coated workpiece, ion bombardment before coating and ion acceleration during deposition.

1: Its main loop topology adopts PFC+full-bridge architecture combined with ARM+DSP digital control technology
2: Its frequency is 10-100KHZ positive and negative pulse output
3: It has a built-in arc extinguishing time setting of 10μs-100μs to adapt to different processes and targets. Arc display counts
4: It can detect V-ARC & I-ARC at the same time, quickly cut off the output and start the built-in patented technology to eliminate residual arc energy, avoid substrate discharge arcing, and ensure high-precision film layer to improve the yield of plated parts. Surface finish and film bonding force
5: It can reasonably adjust the frequency gap time (1-10μs), can improve and control the film forming speed and temperature, increase the film layer and improve the deposition rate and bonding force.
6: Pulse/DC can be switched arbitrarily to meet the requirements of different processes and substrate materials
7: Output voltage 0-1100V without shifting Glow cleaning and ion bombardment seamless docking to ion acceleration during deposition.
8: Its operation can control the remote PLC to control the analog PROFIBUS communication through the panel.