ARC-500 Small Size PVD Coating System

The main features of ARC-500 are fast cycle times, easy operation and user-friendliness at a favorable price.  It has four high performance cathodic arc evaporation cathodes. It is the ideal choice for customers looking to enter the coating world or wanting to add a fast low-volume PVD system to their fleet of machines.

Technologies Applied:
Cathodic arc evaporation cathodes

High target utilization
High deposition rate
Quick cathode exchange

Load and Cycle Times:
Max. load: 100kg
4 - 6 batches/day

Controlling System:
Simple use and maintenance
Control system with touch screen
Data recording and real-time display of process parameters and flow
Manual and automatic process control

Machine Dimensions:
Footprint [mm]: L2300 x W1600 x H1950

Reasons for our clients to choose Hongfeng VAC:

  1. Manufacturing basis on experience more than 14 years
  2. Customized solution to meet everyone’s special requirements
  3. Unique copper core of arc evaporation to obtain better conductivity
  4. Molybdenum rodd for arc generation
  5. Advanced design for arc evaporators for excellent work performance
  6. Box type and compact model is available to save the footprint
  7. Hybrid coating system is for your option
  8. Easy operation PLC control system
  9. High quality and famous brand vacuum pumps and accessories

Customized options:

     1. Size and material of vacuum chamber
     2. Turbomolecular pump or diffusion pump
     3. Brand and origin of vacuum pumps
     4. Coating systems
     5. Brand of electrical components
     6. Type of vacuum chamber: Horizontal or vertical, bell jar, etc