Cylindrical DC Magnetron Sputtering Coating Cathode

Magnetron sputtering is a fast, affordable, high-speed sputtering system that produces superior film quality. Sputtering equipment is equipment for forming thin films, which used phenomenon spraying, in which ionized Ar gas, under the action of a plasma discharge, collides with a target at high speed, and target atoms ejected during the collision are deposited on the substrate. It can be used to produce metal films (in particular, films of refractory metals can also be obtained) that insulate films, conductive films, protective films, reflective films, translucent films, alloys and solid solutions, catalysts and other coated ones.
Sputtering cathode is working in the vacuum coating system
Name:             Customized magnetron sputtering cathode for PVD coating
Type:               Rotary sputtering cathodes or planar
Application:    For magnetron sputtering deposition with Direct metal coatings, such as aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, silver, titanium, etc
Applicable material: Different kinds of material
Size:                Customized