High Productive Circular Vacuum Arc Cathode Plasma Source
(Arc Cathode Plasma Source)
Development of coating deposition technologies with use of new plasma source.
Adaptation of the plasma source under the existing PVD equipment.
This plasma source is designed for high productivity and high quality of coatings deposited on industrial equipment for coating deposition.
Technical characteristics:
Output ion current for the arc current, usually 200A, up to 300A:
Diameter of the coating-100 mm with the thickness uniformity ± 5%;
Titanium coating deposition rate is better than 20 μm/h
Functional advantages:
1.5-2 times increase in coating equipment productivity;
Steady coating thickness with ± 5% uniformity;
Exclusion of the polishing of surface after coating deposition;
Increase productivity;
Cutting of costs due to the exclusion of surface polishing;
Stability of the source irrespective of the cathode burn level;
Simple design.
Wear resistant coatings with low coefficient for friction elements of the machine parts in cutting tools industry, machinery, textile industry etc;
Multicomponent wear resistant coatings on the base of nitridescarbides, oxides or their mixtures for hardening of the precision tools,compressor and aviation engine blades;
Decorative coatings for furniture, lighting accessories, ceramic tile, mosacs, jewellery and watches, etc;
Biologically inert coatings, optically transparent, dielectric, corrosion resistant coatings;
Chemically inert coatings for optics, electronics, chemical machinery.