MF Magnetron Sputtering Source for Anti-Reflexion AR Glass Coating

This magnetron sputtering coating cathode is designed for applying high quality Anti-Reflexion AR coatings on glass substrates. The size of glass is up to 2000x3000mm. This magnetron sputtering cathode has the following characteristics:

  • High stability
  • High uniformity
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Easy to replace the target material


(Magnetron sputtering coating process in a inline sputtering system, the sputtering cathodes are horizontal placed upon the glass panel)

This sputtering cathode is capable to apply different thin film coatings, such as titanium nitride coatings, AR coatings, other metal coatings, conductive coatings, etc.

(In-line Magnetron Sputtering Coating System)

Hongfeng VAC produces tailored magnetron sputtering coating line for different applications, such as glass mirror manufacturing, glass coating, AR glass production, etc with affordable prices. Hongfeng VAC provides turnkey services for our clients. 

(Replace target materials for the sputtering cathode)

It's easy to replace the target material with this design of magnetron sputter coating cathode. Lift the whole pieces of sputter cathode from the inline sputter coater, then put it onto a platform, loose the screws on both ends, take out the target core out and put it into the new target tube. This is the way of replacing the target materials.


(Magnetron Sputte Cathode Turnover Platform)

Hongfeng VAC designed this mechanism to replace the target material. It makes everything easier during the procedure and make our clients more convenient to use our sputtering system.