PVD Cathodic Arc Source with Arc Generator 

This PVD Cathodic Arc Source with Arc Generator is used for cathodic arc evaporation process of PVD coating technology. It is usually used for applying decorative titanium nitride(TiN) or functional hard PVD coatings on tools.

This arc source come with a 5kW powerful arc generator. It has good insulation ability and excellent conductive ability for stable deposition process. And it is compatible for your PVD coating systems. 

This arc evaporator is popular in the PVD coating market.
PVD coating cathodes installed in the coaing machine:

The arc coating cathodes have much higher deposition rate comparing to the magnetron sputtering cathodes. But it produces high temperature during the process. It usually it works for stainless steel, glass and ceramic items after cleaning.

Functional coatings made by arc deposition:                           Decorative coatings made by arc ion plating:


Features of arc deposition:
· High efficiency of deposition
· Produces high temperature more than 150 °C
· The ideal option to obtain titanium nitride coatings for decorative and functional applications
Common involved industries(decorative purposes):
· Door handles
· Darts
· Dog collar accessories (to prevent dog skin allergies)
· Jewellery
· Watch parts
· Stainless steel sheets
Common involved industries(functional purposes):
· Drills
· Punches
· Molds and die
· Cutters and knives